new setup, New ride and some gis photos


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So i had a gig today with a new band i joined and all went well. heres some pics of my new setup, i went for the flat style setup. also got to use my new k custom hybrid ride.

Thought i better give my cymbals a nice clean for the gig :)



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As a fellow orange drum set player, I can tell you its a great finish for drums. Especially in a sweet little four piece like yours.


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cheers eddie, and my cymbal setup currently is
zildjian k custom hi hats 14"
zildjian k dark crash 15"
zildjian k custom dark crash 17"
zildjian k custom hybrid ride 20"


Very nice, tight looking setup. I like the way the bass is kind of virgin with the ride monted in it. Boy are your Zildjians shiny.

forgot to ask, how was the gig?


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Re: new setup, New ride and some gig photos

i like the bassdrum like this allthough i really need a clamp so that i dont have to waste a stand on my tom in order to get the whole falt set up going on.
The gig went pretty well i made an error comming into a certain section of a song but managed to cover it up pretty well. the only major problem was that there was only a small crowd due to most people at this time of year being on holiday.

@ Boxcaran
i know he likes blink alot but im not sure hes their greatest fan. i think he just liked the colour and the sound and went for it

@ Gretchdrummer
i think the guitarists telecaster is a cheaper model with some random lower end seymour duncans on it but it still sounds ok for itd purpose


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Like how the drums and amp match haha. Great looking kit. 4 piece and Zildjian Ks. Can't go wrong there!