New School for Jazz Competition


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Very Well done but the levels of the narration were fading in and out with some parts being nice and other parts I could barely hear at all. Also, if I were submitting a resume for a job, I'd spend a little more time showing what I could do so maybe add a little more of your skill set. The details will come if you are asked to apply to the school but they may need a little more to go on here. You obviously have the desire, drive and self motivation to do the work but they need to know that you are at a certain level to begin with but don't be a showboat, maybe just a bit more of you playing with a group or something.

My 2 cents worth.
Good luck !!!


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Thanks a lot everyone!

Please leave a comment on youtube! It is a crucial part of the competition and would highly improve my chances of winning :)

rustyfingers - this video is part of a competition were I need to answer the question "Why am I New School?" through a creative video.
Beside of that, there is a live audition of course where I'm about to play a little more ;)

Wish you all a wonderful weekend



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I really enjoyed your playing - especially what you did over the busta(?) track!
Best of luck with the application, I hope your hard work is rewarded.