New Rogers Covington full kit


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Sweet. Looks like they're taking this seriously.


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Those new brass snares look pretty nice too! I do hope they offer more finishes than black lacquer and red ripple on the kits.


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Not a fan of the bass spurs, but that red ripple is amazing. Would love to hear one of these sets.


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Hmm wonder if the snare shells are spun like Ludwig or a shitty rolled like everyone else.

Hollywood Jim

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The new Rogers drums look great. I'd love to have a set.
But, here's the Elephant in the room. Should I buy an original vintage Rogers kit in great condition for $2300,
or a brand new Rogers kit made to replicate the vintage Rogers kit for $4300 ?



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That means I can finally get some new T-rods for my Holiday bass drum!

Maple/poplar shells don't make a whole lot of sense to me. I would have thought they'd have gone straight for the Holiday maple/birch shell. Still, those are gorgeous, even if I'm also not in love with those enormous BD spurs...


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This looks really interesting to me. My favorite 12 inch tom is a Keller Vintage maple that I really want to make a full kit but this looks like it may be very similar. Can’t wait to hear them!

Ummm - I'm probably in the minority here - but I never really liked Rogers drums in the first place so I don't really have any nostalgia regarding seeing this hitting the shelves again.

The new ones look nice enough - but they would need to sound amazing to get $4,300 out of me haha.

Always good to see classics coming up again though - that's a cool trend.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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I have no special relation to the brand at all. Those BD legs tho, are a deal breaker on pretty much any kit. Hate those things.

I'd be more interested in new Slingys anyway, but probably won't even think about that until my Grrrrretsch cravings have been completely satisfied.