new rim for 12" tom?

nor-cal henry

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Hey folks - I recently bought a nice, used Pacific CX kit (made in Ensenada). I have noticed that one of the rims on the 12" tom is very slightly out of round. I hope that you all might be able to help with a couple of quick questions:

1) Are drum rims generally interchangeable across different drum brands (for drums of the same size and with the same number of lugs, of course); and 2) Are there any recommendations for vendors for drum rims?



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Drumfactorydirect is likely your best bet. Rims are interchangeable, so long as they are the right number of lugs. Those PDPs use the same thread on their lugs as DW, so while those are interchangeable on most drums, they are not on DWs and PDP. Just thought I would mention than, in case you were tempted to order spares.

The hoops on the PDP CX are 1.6mm, so that'll be the exact replacement. If you want an upgrade the 2.3s will work well, will be easier to tune and stay true longer. That said, they do choke the drum ever so slightly.

Don't know if you have the 8" tom or not, but 2.3 in a 6 lug is tough to find. That said, DW uses a 1.6 on their 8" to allow it more sustain.

Way more info than you asked for though!....

The SunDog

I picked up a used CX about a year ago. Nice kit. Yes to your question. Do a Google search for a 12" triple flange drum hoop and then price compare. You'll find exactly what your looking for.