New Premier Genista's vs Tama Silverstars

Mike St.Clair

Senior Member
For anyone who has experience with both of them, I've hit a couple of Silverstars and thought they sounded pretty good. Haven't been able to hear the bass drum as local shops just don't have them set up. I've only heard the Genistas on youtube and was impressed, online reviews were very positive too. I'm still in love the the Genista's lugs and looks just like I was in 1991 when I bought my XPK's. My choice for the same money would be the Genista birch kit in 12/16/22/snare or a Silverstar limited ed. ash red kit in 8/10/12/14/16/22/snare. I've never seen another one in this finish, so it too is unique. Actually, the Premiers are about $100 less right now, but then I'd need to order 8 and 10" toms at some point.