New Pork Pie kit and finish.


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congrats... that is a nice looking set of drums... would like to see them set up though


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Oh gawd...I think my appendix just burst! That is a STUNNING kit! It wouldn't be my personal choice, but it looks A-MAY-ZING!!!


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Very Rich looking, I am seeing a few people going for this type of finish lately, well done. Would be really rich if the shells were all Rosewood, but then you would need a rich guy to buy them.



I love the way you build drums like they're works of art.

And as long as I have your ear, let me say (off topic) that your vented LS, BOB, and Patina snares are the best value in snares on the drum market today. The amount of quality workmanship put into those drums, for the price, is absolutely amazing. The work that your company does puts phenomenal sounding drums into the hands of drummers like myself with limited funds, and for that I'm grateful to you.



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I second soren-k's thoughts on the LS and BOB drums, they are great value and great drums.


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Great finish on great drums!

I think the shop (Huber & Breese) has one of the snares in that finish. It's very cool in person. I really like the PP lug a lot, and "the Pig" has grown on me too :)

I agree with the others on the snares.


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Wow nice wood combo. Have to be honest, I'd prefer a glossy clear coat but I'm picking nits. Awesome design!


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Agree with all said here- wood working is awesome and very artistic without being too in your face.

(I like a little gloss too tho). Sound file?