New pics of my kit

Drums: Ludwig CS Custom (22"x18" kick, 12"x10" tom, 13"x11" tom,16"x16" floor tom,
6.5x14" snare 13" PDP snare)

Cymbals: Zildjian ZBT ( Yeah, I know....but I'm on a budget) 8"splash, 14" hihats,16" crash, 10" splash,20" rock ride,20" medium ride.

Heads: Aquarian Jack DeJohnette Signature on snare and tom batters, Classic Clears on the Bottoms

Sticks: Vater 5A and 5B Wood Tip, Regal Tip Blasticks, Regal Tip Clayton Cameron Brushes.

Throne: Pork Pie w/ Gilbralter backrest

Percussion: Rhyth Tech ( Studio Cow Bell and hihat tamborine (not in photo))

Accessories : Blow iT fan, Vic Firth isolation headphones, Zildjian sticks bag, Vater cup holder, Vater stick holder, drum keys (including a Rhythm Tech torque key)

Hardware: Ludwig, Pearl, Gilbralter,and Percussion Plus.

If you are interested in the fan I have on my kit. here is a link to the company website.