new gear... new drum room


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Here are some new pics of my drums and my cleaned out garage/drum room.

specs are as follows:
Drums: Gretsch Catalina Birch in vintage fade.
Bass: 22" x 18", Power Stroke III Batter, Coated Amabasador Reso

Snare: 14" x 5-1/2", Gretsch Crystal Tone Black Chrome over Steel, Coated Ambasador Batter, Hazy Ambasador Snare side
Snare 2: 14" x 5" birch

Rack Tom 1: 10" x 8", clear pin stripe batter, clear amabasador reso
Rack Tom 2: 12" x 9", clear pin stripe batter, clear amabasador reso
Rack Tom 3: 14" x 11", clear pin stripe batter, clear amabasador reso

Cymbals: Zildjian...assorted series
6" Avedis Splash (inverted)
9" Oriental Trash Splash
10" A Custom Splash (used as top X-hat)
12" wuhan china (used as bottom X-hat)
12" Avedis special recording top hi-hat (used as main hat bottom)
12" Avedis Splash (used as main hat top)
14" Trashformer
16" Avedis Thin crash
18" Avedis Med Thin crash
21" A Custom Projection ride

Hardware: Gibraltar
Customized short V-rack with short curved side extensions, (easy for load in-out)

Road Series rack clamps

Intruder double bass pedal
Direct pull Hi-Hat
9600 series brake tilter cymbal booms

Any ways there are the specs let me know what you guys think...also you can hear them recorded on my bands myspace page at



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yeah i built the riser and mounted the speakers in it. That way they are out of the way and the riser gives me lots of storage. Also, when i play along with the ipod and the speakers are on, i can feel the music, it works out great


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Awesome stuff. I like the drum riser. Can you even hear those hi-hats from far away? A little thin for my liking.


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I absolutly love the hats, awesome sound, they are a 12" special rec hat top for the bottom, and a 12" splash for the top. they sound great recorded but live they are too delicate, because of that my wife bought me a set of 15" k light hats for christmas...heard em in the store...they were awesome, just what i was looking for...guess ill wait for a couple more months to hear'em with the set


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A set of 15" hi hats and 12" splashes?? I see you have some problem with having a "normal" hi-hat sound. : )


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yeah i hate the "normal hi hat sound." I like a lot of wash on my hats not the tight syncopated thing. More of a keith moon, bonzo hi hat wash. Like i said the 12's are awesome they just dont project live, the producer and sound engineer that my band worked with said the 12's were the best sounding hats they have recorded. Take a listen for yourself on my bands myspace page.


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Nice kit, but can we say "dust rag"...a little respect for those cymbals and drums...looks like you were sanding drywall in there!!!

Nice set up, enjoy man!


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GREAT set that would be fun to walk into and play in everyday.....put the spotlight on the drums and off you go!


jeez man i wish i have a drum room like that xD, vry nice kit bro, i like the finish, keep rocking! hope you bring some more pics..


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This is my new custom drumset. Made by 100% pure Birch in 6ply+3ply sound focus ring.
22x18 Kick - Clear Powersonic - Ebony Powerstroke 3
12x7 Tom - Coated Ambassador - Coated Ambassador
16x14 Floor Tom - Coated Ambassador - Coated Ambassador
Pearl Joey Jordison sig. 13x6,5 Snare - Coated CS - Hazy Ambassador

Meinl Raker 14" Medium Hi-Hat
Meinl Raker 15,5" & 17,5" XL Medium Crashes
Meinl Classics 20" Medium Ride
Zildjian Oriental 9" Trash Splash
LP Black Beauty Sr. Cowbell

And any images here