New Pics, New Gear, and a little History


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So I just recently recieved some new gear, and I also reconfigured my set (again). I wanted to explain a little background history as to illustrate why I did what I did.
I am 28 yrs old and have been playing for about 22-23 years (started when I was 5.) My uncle had a huge old ludwig set that I used to bang on, although I didnot realize the signifance of his kit untill I was older and he had already got rid of it. So because of that I was into giant drumsets with too many "toys" I bought every little thing that I could...splashes, cowbels, wood blocks, blast blocks, tamborines, timbales, mini-timbales, everything you could think of. I continued this untill very recently, in which I had a drumming ephinay...a complete re-direction and focus. I had all of this "junk" that I did not use but I did'nt have the basic high quality pieces, such as a good snare, hats and ride. I also mounted everything on a Gibraltar Rack and hauled that beast to every show we played....see I wanted to play like Carter Beauford, or Dave Weckel, or Vinny, but I came to the realization that I could not play like them...and I needed to focus on the basics. So make a long story short, I down sized...dramatically. I went from at one time having 2 rack toms, 2 floor toms, 3 snares, 2 mini tambales, 1 conga, countless blocks and bells and like 19 cymbals. to a prety simple but good quality 5pc kit ( bass, rack, floor, 2 snares)....I still own most of my gear although I did get rid of the rack and went to stands. nothing aganist the rack....i loved it...but it was enabeling my addiction. Any here is my gear list and new pics.....The new gear is 15" k light hats ( 15" k light top and a 15" A new beat bottom) and a new gibraltar liquid drive hat stand...2 leg....along with new stands

Drums - Gretsch Catalina Birch in Vintage Sunburst
8x5 Black hawk snare poplar (not used)
14x6.5 steel crystal tone snare (black)
14x5 snare
8x7 tom (not used)
10x8 tom (not used)
12x9 tom
14x11 tom
LP conga

Cymbals - Zildjian, Wuhan, Sabian, Paiste

6" Zildjian A splash
9" Zildjian oriental trash splash
10" Zildjian A custom splash (used as a drum-bal...hi-hat clutch as a handle)
12" Zildjian A Special Recording hi hats
12" A splash (not used)
15" K light hat top, 15" A new beat Bottom
16" A thin crash
18" A med thin crash
21" A custom projection ride

12" wuhan china w/ 10" sabian duo splash inverted as a stack ( far left side of kit)

Not used...6" paiste accent cymbal, 8" paiste accent cymbal, 12" A splash, 14" Zildjian ZXT trash former, 18" Zildjian ZBT china, countless blocks, bells and chimes


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yeah the drumbal works awesome...I have been getting into some sample based music....i.e. jojo mayer, johnny rabb etc. although i am not nearly as fancy. This kit has everything I really need; a couple of crashes, an accent splash (the 6") and a regular use splash (the 9" oriental), main hats, aux hats, 1 stack, and a couple of snares. I dont do alot of huge tom fills so the 2 toms work great, any more is over-kill. and for a more striped down type of show, now that I have stands I can take just what I need...(with the rack I almost felt obligated to take everything, and if I didnt take everything I would spend a considerable ammount of time re configuering it just for that show)