New pics...Gretsch Catalina Birch w/new floor tom!


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Hey guys! I just got around to taking new pics of my set since I have acquired a matching 16x13 tom. The tom originally had a GTS suspension mount on it, but I removed the mount and used the bracket off the mount as well as the brackets off the 8" and 10" toms that I dont use, to add floor tom legs on it. I also mounted the suspension mount for the 14" tom on the bottom...this helps with rim clamping mic mounts. It also helps keep the drum in tune because the weight of the drum is exerting pressure on the lugs and not the hoops as in traditionally mounted suspension mounts. I play mostly rock and blues (big Bonham fan) Here are the specs:

P.S. I know my cymbals are dusty...I clean my drums religiously but I do not clean my cymbals at all

Drums Gretsch Catalina Birch in Vintage Burst
10x8 (not used)
8x7 (not used)
14x5 snare (not used)

Gretsch Crystal Tone Snare 14x5.5
George Way Elkhart Copper Snare 14x6.5

Heads Remo
Coated Vintage Emperor batters on toms
Clear Ambassador Resos on toms
Coated Control Sound on snares
Clear Emperor hazy snare side on main snare
Clear Ambassador hazy on side snare
Coated PS3 on bass batter
Coated Ambassador on bass reso

Zildjian Cymbals
6" A splash
9" Oriental Trash Splash
10" A Custom Splash (used as drumbal...hh clutch as handle)
15" K Light hat top, 15" A New Beat bottom
16" A Thin Crash
18" A Med Thin Crash
21" A Custom Projection Ride

Hardware Gibraltar 9600 series
Intruder Double Pedal
2-Leg Liquid Drive Hi Hat Stand

Percussion LP
Cyclops Tambourine
'Lil Ride Rider Cowbell



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Yeah...I have the mount and backing plate at a metal fabricators shop....they are making a plate for it similar to the yamaha plates I saw on the forum. It i just going to be plain engraving or anything.