New Pedal Need Some Help.


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I am thinking about getting a new pedal. I currently have a double, but i am thinking about just going back to a single. I am looking at some direct drive pedals, because im tired of me trying to throw in some accents and then being just a fraction off because the pedal has jumped and isnt still directly under my foot. I was wondering hat pedals you guys are liking. One of the reasons im thinking about a single, is because i want to get a good pedal, but the good doubles would almost a paycheck or two ahaha. Last, im also looking for q pedal that will last for at least a couple years but i dont want to drop a couple bills on something for it to break. Hope you guys can help...
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If it's the price that's setting you back you can always buy a single like the Trick and then when you save more buy another and convert them to a double. I think having a double is so advantageous to training your left foot though. I'm kinda biased
If you want direct drive, you should try the PDP B.O.A.. THAT'll stay glued to your foot for SURE, and it seems to be in your price range.

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I cant say any finer words than for Yamaha.......Mine is simply superb and I have tried many many pedals- for me none have the feel of my old yammy and I wont part with her!
She is a double chain drive pedal like the dw in the pic- with a long footplate and decent hinge at the back that wont lash about sideways. The beater is adjustable for angle and the pedal has all the usual features you culd expect from a class pedal.
Maybe you should just go to a shop and tray a few out! No one that is serious about buying from a shop will face resistance to trying gear....Good luck


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why not try as someone mentioned before a trick or axis single pedal? you can convert them to double pedals later down the track :) and they are direct drive and they will last you 5-20years, depending on how you treat them i guess :). Take the easiest route and buy a trick or axis, USED. You will save so much money :)


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thanks guys,
but btw i wasnt sayin money was a problem, id spend 300$-400$ on a pedal but i just dont want to spend 600$+ for a double, thats what i was trying to say