New pedal for a Speed King loyalist?


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Try some direct drive pedals.

I always loved how Speed Kings felt. Wasn't in love with depending on a pedal no longer being produced.

Never bonded with another pedal as much as with a Speed King - until I tried a DD. I now use an inexpensive PDP Concept DD pedal. It feels great.
Hey it’s what works for you 😀


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Back in the day my Rogers Holiday kit, I used a SK. Liked it until I purchased a Rogers swivomatic, the difference was night and day! I wonder if the new issue swivomatic is just as good?


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Thanks to everyone for the excellent feedback.

Based on Bermuda's cryptic responses, I think I will stick with my existing Speed King while waiting for news about a potential Speed King re-issue from Ludwig.
And IF there is a new one, it will look almost exactly like the classic ones. Except for the drum key clip on the bottom.


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Well IF they do it, I do think it is a good thing. There is a large army of people loving the feel of a Speed King, and many were disappointed when they took it out of production.

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I have. An old Speed King that was refurbished by Jesse at DrumMechanix. No squeaks, much more stable. Still folds up and feels great. I also have an Atlas pro pedal and the Speed Flyer looks like the Atlas with a darker finish. The new Speed King might be great if it is more stable in addition to having bearings on the heel plate. I also like that they made the clip that bites down on the bass drum hoop stronger and wider. This was always an issue in the old Speed King. Too bad they could not have moved the screw for the bass drum clamp to the side- it is always a pain turning the screw in the middle.

It seems like Ludwig is all in with the vintage vibe now that you can order classic maple with rounded edges and club date center mount lugs- that makes it interesting because Club Date is not limited to a few colors. No more Duco


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I have a chain driven DW5000 and Speed King. I like both but often prefer the Speed King, just feels more comfortable and controllable. Will probably get the new one.

Maybe look into strap driven pedals. I haven't been able to really sit down and try one but the moments I have I feel it's a good compromise.

ron s

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Pedals are definitely one of the most personal pieces of drum hardware. That’s why the newer ones have so many adjustments. The Speed King to me feels pretty good once you get the spring tension dialed in. It is very responsive and solid underfoot. Mine was refurbished by Drumechanix, so no squeaks either. If the new ones have better bearings and a wider clamp, it is probably a pretty good pedal for $200 or so.


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OP here.

I will definitely be getting a SK reissue once they become available for purchase.
In the meantime, I am considering getting an alternative pre-owned DD pedal.
I am leaning towards the Yamaha FP-9500D, Yamaha FP9, or the Tama Dynasync.

Can anyone offer pros and cons of these 3 pedals to a lifelong SK owner?