New Parent to a Young Drummer


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My son started taking drum "lessons" from a former High School student of mine. It was really just a time for him to bang around and have fun but he ended up learing a lot of patterns and beats and was hooked. His teacher left and there was a lull but now he we have found a great teacher to come to the house twice a week and we go to a legit garage type venue once a week. Any suggestions on what to do to expand his learning and get him more involved in "gigs", groups and public performances. Vienna Jammers, Wolf Trap drum circle and summer camps are all in the plans. If he continues to excel at some point I'd like to find a local legend that can serve as a mentor. Thx in advance for any suggestions!


where do you live ?

a lot of places have a "school of rock" type function where students of certain teachers or certain music schools get together and form bands, prepare material, then perform that material once or twice a month at local venues .

this is great for young players .... just to collaborate with other musicians does so much for a young player ..... it is truly an invaluable experience

talk to his teacher or music/performing arts schools in your area for information on these kind of functions

they are extremely common today .... I do it with my students quite a bit ... we collaborate with students of local music schools and put on recitals at the performing arts school. , then jazz, and rock performances at local venues .... the kids love it

also music stores often sponsor these type of functions

I know in my area the local Sam Ash ..... who now has a built in music school.... not only sponsors these functions at local venues ... but holds them right there in the store

I love that you are looking for an outlet for your sons expression of creativity and I think you are an amazing father/mother? for it

keep us posted .... and if there is anything I can do to help I would be glad to


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How old is your son? If he's younger than seven or eight this might be just a passing fancy. Don't try to push him. It's important that it stays fun for him. What's the music education situation at school? I there's a band at school he can learn the basics like the rudiments and reading there. If he shows sustained interest you can suppIement that with some private lessons. No need to go to the "local legend" just yet. Maybe when he gets to be a teenager.