New Paiste Giant Beat


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Well, my birthday was last Wednesday and my 20" Giant Beat crash finally came in. I haven't had a chance to play it yet since it came in so late in the day but it looks wonderful.

I also noticed that there was a real big color difference between my Ride and Crash.

Well, here's a bad picture. Taken with my phone

I'll take some better ones tomorrow and if I get new sticks I'll tell you guys how it sounds!


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I wouldn't worry about the color. I have the same 20", and I thought I'd give it a good cleaning. Mine has a greenish hue, and I touched my paiste cleaner to it. That spot went from green to bronze with no effort. I know that paiste has a clear coat of some sort over their cymbals to protect them, but I can't imagine that is what it is.


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Sweet!! I love how those GB crash/rides sound. No worries about the color difference, giant beats are notorious for being somewhere between brown and green.