New, old stuff


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Hi folks

Thought I'd finally post something worth posting. These tracks were recorded in 2008/9 by a friend of mine, Mick Gaitens. Mick and I had played together for years in cover and function bands but he had recently started to record his own stuff and we decided to do a couple of tracks properly in a commercial studio.

These 2 tracks, Gravytrain and Water, Water were the results. The personnel was Mick on Guitar, Vox and anything else other than Bass (John Petrie) and me on drums. We are now looking at these tunes and many others, all written by Mick with a view to further recordings and live performances. Above all, we like playing together and I think that comes through.


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Love this Iain!!!!! Your playing settles into the music beautifully. The whole having an early Styx/Doobie Brothers vibe (especially the vocals), & that sells the deal for me right there. Really really nice job!


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Cheers Andy. I think that the relaxed nature of the relationship between the 3 of us comes through- there's no real pressure other than trying to do the best for the song here. The newer stuff that we are currently working on carrys on in a similar vein.