New Musical Discoveries


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not new, but check out natalie merchant-carnival.great simple groove,wonderful guitar work and superb vocals.


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Two of my favorites have i been obsessed with are the True Loves - Famous Last Words
True Loves

And the Delvon Lemarr Organ Trio - Close but no cigar

Same drummer and guitarist in both bands.. love his drumming.
Submitted for your enjoyment 👍🏻
Day9band is my buddy’s band , the guys are all original NY’ers who were in other bands here and are now transplanted in Port St. Lucie Fla. where they’ve been at it for about 10 years now while working their day jobs and raising their families. Give em a listen .

Edit. The reverb link has most of their stuff. I found it after posting the YouTube links for only 3 of them



What is "discovery" at all? It may be discovery for me, but old stuff to others. A little confusing, hahah. :p