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For years I've heard people complain about their later sound and how terrible it was: ReLoad, St. Anger aka St bang on a trash can lid. Most said they should go back to their roots, get back the heavier sound. So they did with Death Magnetic...

Now I hear people say "They're trying too hard to sound like the old stuff". WTF says me....

What do you think?? You like or dislike the new tunes?


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i like it alot, but i honestly loved the bluesy metallica. garage inc. is my favorite album and i think that metallica is a better cover than original band. i heard a maiden cover recently and it sounded perfect.


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It is a given that Metallica will be criticized for WHATEVER they do at this point. Fortunately, they are thick-skinned arrogant rock stars who don't really give a damn about the critics.

Personally, I like the new album. What it lacks in intensity (compared to their early stuff) it makes up for in sophistication, imo. There are some classic Metallica overtures mixed with a more mature and progressive sound.

It's a solid compilation. I like it.