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Hi all,
Just wanted to introduce myself. I'm new to the thread but have been a member on a few other sites for a couple years now. I've been playing since my teens, on and off, and finally got back into it during Covid and, I guess, midlife crisis at 53! Ha!

I'm still playing with my buddies in our pseudo jazz fusion trio! and am currently using a Yamaha Stage Custom bop kit with an old 2000s Catalina Club WMP in the corner. Big fan of UFIP and just fell in love with a Sabian XSR 22" Monarch I recently purchased. Looking forward to gaining some insight and advice from the members here. Thanks!
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welcome from another 53 year old teacher!! I am a middle school/high school band director/percussion instructor specifically.


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Watch out for the guy above me.

He's an evil genius.

He'll ruin your sensibilities just for a laugh. Beware of the Wumpus.


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Welcome aboard there's a lot good people and information here.


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Welcome! Feel free to share some pics of your kit.
Sorry it took a while. Just your run of the mill Yamaha Stage Custom with various cymbal combinations from Sabian to UFIP and Zildjian. Have another kit- catalina club old school 2000s WMP at guitarists house. Both sound great! Thinking of adding a 10" to the Yamaha off the LH ride. Kinda weird with a 18" bass to have two toms up but I like the options!


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