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Hi everyone,
I've finally took a step forward and joined this forum after reading a lot of interesting people.
So I introduce myself, I'm Tamaefx, I'm French, living not too far from Paris.
I'm in my forties, but not feeling so :) and I've been playing drum as an enthusiast for something like 20 years. Not very hard working but I'm really fond of this damn instrument, its history, its building, I like restoring, tuning and of course music !
I have quite wide musical taste but let say classic rock, Deep Purple Zep wise, prog, metal prog, classic metal too, main interests in Anathema, Maiden, Marillion, Transatlantic, the Who, Beatles, and almost forgot Dream Theater but of course many more.

After several mid level Tama kits, I got the opportunity to make mine what I could call a dream kit : a 7 pieces Premier Signia Coral White (except the snare which is transparent burgundy). More than twenty years old and perfect shape.
I know it's a very high quality instrument that surpasses my needs and skills but I couldn't let this great deal go ! Through the years my cymbal set up was more or less the same except quality changes in my Sabians, and alway an antic Ufip 20" China, paper thin, sounds amazing.

That seem to be quite a good summary for an enthusiast French drummer who'd just subscribed to this forum. Hope we'll all get on well and share as much a s possible.
À bientôt !
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Welcome to the forum.

I too have a Premier kit from the 90's, perhaps the Golden Age for Premier, although mine is a humble XPK. I've always admired the Signia's. Beautiful drums.

I hope you gain a lot of useful advice and information from the forum.


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Thanks Morrisman !
I'll send pictures of the Signia as soon as possible in the right section.
The Signia is my first Premier (pun intended) but I've played some APK XPK in the 90's, they were definitely good looking and good sounding too, and not that expensive.