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I love all the fanboys freaking out saying they sold out and aren't proggy anymore. I just listened to Curl of the Burl about 15 times on youtube and I love it.To me it's very stoner rock/70's esq with lyrics about goat revenge how can you beat that?


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I'm pretty sure the people freaking out over it haven't heard Black Tongue or Spectrelight yet. So far Spectrelight is my favorite. I listened to it almost twenty times the other night lol


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@kettles... I think you're my new hero. Good lookin' out on that man.
I've always liked Mastodon but I never started listening to them alot til recently (previous Rhythm Magazine for a matter of fact) and I really like them. I love the Stoner Rock kinda Prog 70's style thing like Black Sabbathish and Motorhead with the Mastodon feel and groove.

The album got leaked onto YouTube yesterday and I listened to most of it and I have to say it's great! I see loads of people complaining about it but my dad really likes Curl Of The Burl. We both first heard it on the way home from drum lessons the other day and the first thing my dad said was "Sounds like a REALLY good Black Sabbath" and I said "Definitely" and he doesn't like metal that much... So that's a good sign.

But yeah, I'll definitely buy the album when I get the money.