"New" Ludwig Liverpool 4 kit, what did I get?

Milt Hathaway

Senior Member
I've been searching for months to complete my Beatles backline collection (at least once a year some tribute band flies into the area needing backline, and I'm a big Beatles fan, so...) and suddenly Musician's Friend claimed to have some Legacy Classic Liverpool 4 pieces in stock. I know I'm way past the point of getting one of the 100 limited edition sets, but I'm not too concerned with that. I figure they found some orphans in the back of the warehouse or something.

I'm just wondering if I really got a Liverpool 4 set. I only have the 2 toms at this point (the kick arrives tomorrow) and neither of them have any indication of their model anywhere on the drum. They do have antiqued keystone badges (with random 1964 vintage 5 digit serial numbers that will certainly confuse people 20 years from now), and they have factory-smeared 6 digit serial numbers stamped inside the shells. The shell serial numbers in no way correspond to the serial numbers on the boxes. Now I have to mention that the ride tom was "used" and I saved $50 on it for that (and some person put a Remo coated CS head on it) so it's possible that isn't the original box. However, the floor tom is new and its serial number (what I can make of it) doesn't match its shipping box either.

It doesn't help that Musician's Friend is still using photos of the anniversary-badged versions on their site.

They do appear to be 3 ply shells (and I think I can see the poplar ply), and the wrap looks fantastic. I just wonder if I'm getting what I paid for.

Doesn't anyone know?