New Ludwig 8x14" Black Beauty/Copperphonic!


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I only hope they offer the aluminum and bronze as well. And while I'm dreaming, a 4" would round out a perfect collection !!!
Bronze due in May perhaps? :) The aluminum is another issue for some reason, don't hold your breath for that one. :(

It took Ludwig more than 50 years to go beyond the 5 & 6½" sizes, but they're moving forward. Who knows when a 4" might appear?



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To be fair, Ludwig's standard catalog offerings sell for less than $900, and street price on the 8x14 BB is $849 (US$ of course.) That's the upper end of the range, and those are US-made drums. Of course it's easy to spend less and still get a great drum, but the Supraphonic line is special. I would hope that everyone who buys an aluminum Supra, Bronze Supra, Copperphonic or Black Beauty feels that they made a smart purchase.
Last year I finally bought an LM400T. Best purchase I ever made! At $500US, it is still an awesome, killer, all-around workhorse drum that will do anythinig I want it to. I made a smart purchase!