New LM402 (pics)


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I've played a 5" x 14" Ludwig Supra for a while now, but never went out and bought the 6.5" beast.

My dad just bought it and had it shipped to me. Huge surprise!

I replaced the P-85 with a P-86, swapped some die cast hoops onto it and dropped an Aquarian Hi Energy batter head on it.

Sounds phenomenal.


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Very nice, I just ordered a P86 from the states to replace my awful P85 so will be slapping that on when it arrives.

How do the die cast hoops sound? What difference do they have compared to the original hoops?


Gorgeous, I have the 5x14 supra.Thinking I would like to replace the strainer with a P-86 as well..How much did you pay for the strainer?


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I have a P-86 on this as well as my 5x14 Supra (1970). It is absolutely the way to go. Great strainer. $39 from most places.

I'm addicated to die cast on snares. I think the sound is more focused, plus they're talled than the 2.3mm that came with this - I like rim shots, so taller rims make that easier for me. I think the die cast slightly dry it out...slightly, not much.