New Leprous album – all around best musical moment for me!

Swiss Matthias

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While the newest album by Norwegian prog band Leprous does polarize (it's rather quiet in comparison),
it surely has one of the most experimental songs in it: The Sky Is Red.

The closing section / second half of the song must be one of the hottest riffs and moments ever, to me at least!
I so love this one!! Check it out:

By the way: Now I got used to the difference in style, I enjoy the new album very much. The songs are very
strong, I think it's some of their best songwriting actually. I do miss the cool riff-oriented songs from the
Coal and Congregation era. But then, I have those albums, and I can still listen to them, so everything is good :D.


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Whoah super bad ass and interesting. I clicked it, thinking Id bail in a few seconds like I usually do, but Im still listening, its got that dark ominous orchestral sound I dig. Very cool Swiss thanks for sharing!

Im running that back, I need to hear that again....


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Just listened again, I feel like a Viking approaching the shore, steeling my nerves for battle, Valhalla I am coming....