New kit!


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Hey guys,

So today I bought my new kit. It is a Yamaha Maple Custom in natural and is just beautiful in every way. Sounds good, but tomorrow im going to tune it with my drum watch. Sizes are 10", 12", 13", 14", and 22". Im not entirely sure what the depths are. Currently I dont have the 13" mounted, I need to get a mount for it. Tell me what you guys think.

Matt Bo Eder

Congrats! That's really pretty. Natural is always a good choice.


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That is frickin' PRETTY. You put unported Remo Fiberskyn 3's on that bass drum and you will be good to go. ;D


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The dude threw in a Ludwig Bronze snare from the 80's or 90's i need to look into. Ill post pics when i get home.


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I wonder how this kit ended up with the sizes it has? Was it part of a larger kit at one time? Usually when you see this range of tom sizes there is also a 16 tom included in the mix.

I owned a set of Maple Customs for a brief time years and years ago. I liked that kit a lot. Yamaha quality just cannot be beat. And I love those gold lugs, too.

Unless you absolutely need it, I wouldn't even bother mounting that 13" tom. I had a 13" with my 7-piece Recording Custom kit, and ended up ditching the thirteen because it just did not fit the tone interval between the other toms. There's just not enough difference in size between the 12" and the 14" to accomodate the 13."

You asked what we thought, and if I were you I would sell the 13" tom and find a 16" to add to the mix. This will give you a perfect interval between the toms - 10,12.14.16. The Maple Customs are so easy to tune, and with the right heads will deliver any sound you seek.




I'm a pearl guy myself but have played extensivly on These kits and they are amazing!.. They really sing nicely with 1 ply heads. You made a great purchase and should enjoy these for a long time. It's hard to beat 6ply yamaha maple shells.. Really nice!


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Everything Yamaha from the SCB on up the line is top notch! Nice drum set!!


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Great looking and sounding kit, good luck with them. Keepers for sure.