New kit??


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Hey Guys, I'm thinking about getting a new kit in the near future. I think i have made my mind up to get a Ludwig Classic Maple. At this point in time i have a couple of kits. Gretsch Renown, 24x16,13x9,16x16. 70's Premier 22x14, 13x8, 16x15. Tama superstar (that i play in the hard core punk band) 24x18, 12x9 ,16x16. As much as i love these kits, The Gretsch and Tama are a bit full on for the Post Punk band i play in and I don't want to gig with the Premier. I'm looking to get a kit that i can play almost anything on. I'm having a little trouble making up my mind on the drum sizes.. At this point I'm looking at 22x16 12x8 16x14.
Would like to know what you guys think are the most versatile drum sizes.


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It looks like your kits are all mostly standard sizes. Most newer kits come with a 10" tom which adds a dimension you may want to think about, if you want to add a second rack tom. Another thing to also consider is that the 2 drums you play most are the snare and bass. You did not list what you have in snares. Something else to think about. Good luck with the new kit you are getting.

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I like that ludwig maple kit but you've got 3 similar sized kits.. I take it the 24" kick is a bit much for your punk thing.. Couldn't you find a 20 or 22 kick online? It's a punk band so if its the wrong colour then you're just being a punk.


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I'm currently playing a Tama Brass Starphonic . I'll probably get a supraphonic at some point.
Just food to thought: snares: 14x4 14x5 14x6 14x7 13 x ??. Brass, steel or wood. A lot of good companies as well in addition to Tama. Any of those will give you some new sounds and more versatility than just new shells. Add one of those snares and a 22" Renown bass drum to match your kit and you have something totally new and very different. Just something to think about. ;-)
I instantly thought of Mapex's obsidian. Ok it is 12*8 16*16 24*14 birch and maple hybrid shell. But a 20 or 22 kick could work too. I love small rack toms though. Or buy used shells and have the toms cut down and wrapped in a funky colour. Pearl released a cool green kit a few years ago. I thought of punk when I saw it. Or look out for a Mapex mydentity. Especially if you are gigging with it. Good luck