New kit on the way


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If all goes well, the toms will be back tomorrow. 50% excited to to get my hands on them and 50% scared to death something will be wrong....


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Who did the work? Precision Drum?

If so, I think there's a 0% chance of anything going wrong...
Yes, Precision. There is nothing even hinting at a problem. I just always get nervous with new to me techs working on my gear no matter how highly recommended they come. When my gtr/amp guy retires I am going to be in a lot of trouble..
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Understood. If it helps I've had Precision do some shell cutting and also cut new bearing edges on three different kits of mine, and they've always done flawless work. I'm sure you'll get exactly what you asked them to do.


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All of the drums are assembled. The edge worked looked good. Definitely a bit different than the factory edge but we executed. I pulled heads from the stash. Coated ambassadors on the batter side, clear G1 on the reso side.

The Ambs were a real problem at first. They rocked badly on the shell and were hard to center and get leveled. They were very dead until they were tuned rather high and perfectly even. The G1's on the other hand were flat on the shells and tuned up easily. A few days later I tried a clear G1 on the 10" IT tuned up easily like the other G1's. Definitely a bit more "open" than the coated heads but not terribly different. I noted when I put the 10" coated Amb back on and noted that it sat flat on the shell this time. Clearly it had formed to the shell.

I found that I had to adjust my technique with the Tune bot. The spots on the heads that pulled out a clean pitch were different than they are on the Concept Maples. Once the heads had settled for a few days the Ambs tuned up much easier. The toms sounded pretty good at this point and all of the bearing edge issues were long gone. I just need to dial in the kick and snare now.

Overall I am glad I sent them to Precision Drums to get them redone. The work was excellent and all of the issues I had been hearing were gone. I need to hear / compare them mic'd up but I will likely go back to clear heads. I like the slightly more open sound of them in the room. It remains to be seen if that translates to the recorded sound. I may go to an Evans or Aquarian coated though. I may also try a 2 ply head on them as well. Not something I have typically done but if that makes them more mic friendly then so be it. Its a small room and a bit less volume typically is a good thing for the results in that room