New Kit, Finally have a Luddy

I recently acquired a Ludwig Centennial Kit in Bonham sizes and Red Sparkle finish. I can honestly say I love this kit, I feel like my playing has improved 100% of course time and practice help too. I apologize for some of the fuzziness in the photos, also I've changed all the stock tom heads to Evans G2 coateds. Now I need a Luddy snare, which I'm currently taking suggestions on, leaning towards either the Black Magic or Black Beauty.

Anywho sizes:
26X14 Kick
14X10 Rack
16X16 Floor
18X16 Floor
14X6.5 Pearl Sensitone Snare


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Gold Member so nice!!!!!

Hollywood Jim

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Oh yeah, love that red sparkle.

I ordered mine through guitar center, not sure if they have a stockpile or what the deal is, but yea that is odd that the ludwig site says that.