New Here, Just Made a Recording


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Hello there, I made this recording a week ago. I'd be happy if you could listen till the end and tell me what you think of it... I'm from Turkey, and 17 years old.

Thanks anyway to all the people who bothered to listen or not to...

PS: The drums are a bit low so if you listen to it a bit higher than your average sound you could hear the ghost notes a lot better.



  • Jo - play along 17.01.2009 -.mp3
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I Put my headphones on and I checked it out. Great Groove! Excellent Jazz insight! I saved it on itunes. The levels were perfect. It is always fun to hear folks from all over the world to display their wares on DW. I clicked on your forum name and for some reason I couldn't get to your profile page. You must really be new here!


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Yeah, I had the account but just started using it. Thanks for the positive comment.
oh and I think you can click my page now