New Heads-Help me decide!


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I have a Yamaha Tour Custom and want to change the stock Remo Ambassador clears batter heads with new ones on the 10/12/16 toms.
I have done some research and have landed on the Evans UV2 or the Black Chrome. I play a bit of everything but mostly rock.
Appreciate your thoughts


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If you haven't heard UV2s in person, I would suggest hearing some first if at all possible before investing in a set. Granted, I have extremely limited experience with them, but I was severely disappointed in what I heard.

It was at Guitar Center Hollywood, shortly before the Coronavirus lockdown began. They had a new Tama Star Walnut kit on the showroom floor, and I was anxious to hear them in person. Since this is their flagship store, they generally keep the showroom kits tuned at least reasonably well. Anyway, the Star Walnut kit was outfitted with UV2 heads... and sounded absolutely terrible. Zero tone or sustain. Even the stick response felt muddy. And this is a seriously nice kit, so I can only attribute it to the heads. After hitting all the toms, I just went off to buy some sticks for a gig, which is why I was there.

Like I said, very limited experience. But I was so turned off by them, I felt I had to warn you, in case you haven't heard them in person. If you have, and you like them, then by all means go for it.

FWIW, I always use either coated over clear Ambassadors, or coated Emperors over clear Ambassadors if I want a somewhat punchier tone.