New Hardware from A&F


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On one hand I can respect the dedication to replicating old hardware. I guess it serves a purpose...mainly nostalgia and aesthetics.

But on the other hand, why throw away 100 years of innovation and go with less efficient, less functional, less practical hardware designs? This just seems bulky and outdated, for the sake of it.

Maybe I'm being too harsh, after all A&F is admittedly doing a great job at what they set out to do. I guess the hipster aesthetic is just not for me. But again, I admire his passion for this stuff.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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I probably won't get them, but I actually think they're prety cool. It's sort of a cross between modern and vintage.

I want to build some old style setups eventually and the small mounting stuff looks intersting.

Steady Freddy

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I've been following the NAMM show and they have some cool stuff. I like companies that think outside of the box. Every one else seems to be offering the same ole stuff. Hey look we added a new color. Yawn. I think A&F is a cool company!!


Jeremy Bender

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These look like a modern take on the old Hamilton concert height stands that were around in the 60's and 70's that I remember seeing in school growing up. I wonder how strong these new offerings will be?
Maybe a report back from some percussionists who place large drums on them at times will help us know more.

At any rate it's nice to see a company trying to offer an improvement on a proven design of the past.
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I saw a set of A&F drums in a drum shop over the holidays, and I have to say it was beautiful. It had the vintage style hardware, which suited the kit perfectly, but did leave some doubt regarding its stability - particularly for a heavier hitter. On the other hand, the drums sounded just as good as they looked.