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I have been reading the forum for a long time, but decided to post a bit.
I’ve played drums since I could walk, but kids and work have really cut my practice time. Now that the kids are a bit older (7 year old is taking guitar lessons, 4 year old starting the learn to read music), and a bit more independent I am finally able to find a little time. This has inspired me to pick up a few things. I have been playing a Gretsch Catalina Club bop kit with 13” K/Z hats, 22” K Pre Aged Dry Light, 20” K Jazz Ride and a 20” Pang with rivets for a while and wanted to make some changes.

My new set-up:

Gretsch Catalina Club:
18” bass, 8x12” tom, 14x14” floor tom

Gretsch 6.5x14” silver series hammered brass snare

13” K/Z hats
20” K Con Renaissance
22” K Con Bounce

I am really happy with the snare. I am a little worried it will be overpowering in small group settings, but has a great tone to it.

The cymbals are out of this world. I really wanted darker sounding rides and more wash...I sure got that. Again, I am a little worried about the Bounce in small groups, but I have been able to control it so far pretty well.

I thought about going with a 22” Reny and 20” Bounce, but I just fell in love with the 22” Bounce.

Sorry about the picture...uploading pics from my phone is not a skill I posses apparently.



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I couldn’t manage the 22 Bounce. The wash was too much.
I sold it today and picked up a 22 Medium Thin Low and also put the kcon 14 hats back on the stand. The 20 Renaissance is still on the left. I am much more comfortable with this set up.

I was digging through my cymbal bag and saw my 19 kerope sitting in there and thought about adding it to the right side next to the MTL. It just sounds a bit too much like the 20 Renaissance. If I was going to add another cymbal I might do something with rivets or a totally different sound. Maybe the Pang that is also sitting in the cymbal bag.

Too much tinkering...just need to sit and bang out rudiments instead of worrying about cymbal set ups...but it’s so much fun.

Does anyone have an opinion for something that might sound cool on the right next to the MTL? Maybe a K dark crash? I would love to hear some thoughts.


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I found a K Dry Complex 22 (original version) with 3 rivets... on its way to me now.
That should be a different sound for sure...

Anyone have any experience with those? I see a lot of mixed reviews, but again this would be an accent crash / ride that hopefully sounds a lot different from my kcon MTL. Like a Pang but with less China least that is what I am hoping.


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The k custom dry complex ride showed up. Not what I was hoping for. I’ll be selling it, because it’s not really something I see myself using.
Back to the drawing board for that far right spot.

I may try a 22 Renaissance as the main ride and shift the MTL over to the right.
Just not sure if they have different enough sound.


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I’ve been messing with my cymbal set up a lot. I was going with a 90s 20” Pang on the far right, then a 19” A Beautiful Baby...but but those are both back in the bag. I am trying out a 22” Menil Byzance Jazz China Ride. I just can’t find that third crash ride with the sound I want. I am hoping this one works in a live setting.


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Mark I have a lot of luck with Memphis Drum Shop's

I hear the exact cymbal I buy. I'm doing rather well with it. I purchased about 9 Agops with no returns.

Listen with good headphones or studio monitors of course.


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Yes, playing jazz only (different styles but mostly standards and some blues).
I have used before. I just can’t find the right sound to pair with my kit and then things sound different in a live music setting. The good news is that it is fun to tinker and I am happy with the rest of my set-up (for now). I just need to find that right accent sound.


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Not sure where in Michigan you live, but have you browsed Motor City Guitar or Huber and Breese? They both have decent cymbal selections. I scored a brand new 22" K Custom Dry Complex II ride at MCG a couple months ago (here's the thread I started about it: I know you tried one with rivets and it didn't work out. But sometimes you can find a hidden gem in those places and nothing beats trying the cymbal out for yourself. If possible, I will bring my other ride with me to see how they sound together.


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Thanks man. I actually had never heard of those places. I am on the SW side of Detroit, but I’ll take a drive out there soon and check those places out. I appreciate you putting them on my radar.


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A few weeks in with the Meinl Byzance Jazz China Ride and I am pretty pleased. I wish I could find a place to try the Kcon Swish. I changed out my 20 Renaissance for a 20 Medium Thin High. Slightly better crash qualities...but I go back and forth between those two depending on the song. I am super happy with the 22 MTL and Hi-Hats.