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Hey all,

I've perused this site since 2006 as a guest & just signed up now. I thought I could get some input on the drums I just ordered, 2 days ago.

So, I just ordered my new Gretsch Renown Maple Groove 5pc Shell Pack (8",10",12" toms, 14" floor tom, & a 20" kick in Satin Black) PLUS a new Gretsch 5x14" G4160 Chrome Over Brass Snare drum, all for $1525 delivered & can't wait 'til it arrives next week! Did I get a good deal? (My local Guitar Center price-matched, after a week of haggling.) Now I need to decide whether to make this G4160 my main snare drum, or my Pork Pie 5x12" Little Squealer. One will be my secondary. Wee...

I'm also selling my six year old, 7-piece Gretsch Catalina Birch kit, as it seems too ringy & better suited for loud/metal music. Maybe I'll put an ad up here, too. Am I right here in comparing Reknown Maple to Catalina Birch? I'm more of a Jazz Fusion & Prog. Rock aficionado.

I've wondered if pro-caliber DW, Yamaha, Tama, Pearl, & other makers' drums were of better quality, but am now sold on Gretsch Reknown after reading tons on this site! This is only the 3rd acoustic drum set I've ever owned. I'm just a hobbyist & need just one kit @ a time. (I do practice on a cheap VDrum kit @ home, but VDrums can't compare, musically-speaking.) I hope this is gonna' be my #1 drum kit for life. (FYI, I'm 41yo & bought my 1st Pearl Export kit in 1987). Thanks.


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Looks awesome! ne of my buddys has a renown maple set, and I would love to get one as well after hearing his. They sound great! As for that snare, it looks amazing, but I have never heard one, but I'm sure it will sound very good.


Gorgeous kit! I love my Renown Maples! It was a toss-up for me between Autumn Burst and Satin Black. I went with the burst but I still love the look of the black.

Enjoy them!