New Guy and my Gear

Hi Guys first post here, so I thought I mite show off my gear :D

Drums: Ddrum Diablo Death PunX
8x7 Pearl VX tom
10x8 tom
12x8 tom
14x14 floor tom
16x14 floor tom
Snare: Travis Smith Sig. Ddrum

14" Z custom Mastersound hi hats
15" A custom Crash
17" Z custom Rock Crash
8" Stagg medium splash
12" Wuhan china
10" Paiste Pst3 splash
14" A custom EFX
18" Z custom Medium crash
16" Paiste Pst 5 china
20" Z custom ride

Pearl DR-80 drum rack
mix of pearl and Ddrum boom arms
Throne is Pearl 1000sp (?)
Pedals are Axis Al lonboars

I think thats about it :D



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Nice kit. I like the sequential pictures during your set up. It allows us to see more of your set up.


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Nice kit man!!! The pearl tom really blends in, the black on black color scheme makes it very hard to tell the different lugs and holder.

Anyway, congrats!