New Forum at a standstill?????

The new forum looks fantastic. But it either doesn't have an RSS feed any more, or it's changed and my RSS feedreader needs to be updated. I realize not a lot of people use feedreaders anymore, but I doubt I'm the only one, and that might account for a small percentage of the slowdown.

ETA: I just needed to update my RSS feedreader.
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Just checked members online here: 12

A quick look up the street and we have...Members online: 92

I guess not everyone is out....


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This forum was nearly dead before the change. It hadn't been updated in 12 years and was doing nothing to attract new users.
I was thinking the change gave it a mild boost, though it might be temporary.

Though I 100% agree with gdmoore28.

I am on some other forums on other topics, and they're a fraction of what they used to be. A lot of forums are getting replaced by FB groups, and the ability to comment directly on various news sites, interacting with people on twitter, and other such social media.


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Every year the medium changes and forums are not as popular as they used to be. It would be interesting to do a graph of the user ages here.
There are 2 reasons the younger crowd isn't here. The first being that there are so many ways for them to communicate they don't use internet forums, the second being the styles of music they listen to now makes them want to be a DJ or rapper instead of a drummer/guitar player.

That is part of the long term levels of growth around here.

As far as the forum change causing it I disagree. It's roughly the same. It's the middle of summer. People are at the lake, on the deck, doing yard work, vacation etc.


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GDMoore hit the nail on the head. My 27 YO son says the same thing, that forum activity is way down across the board.


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It's always been like the tides-in and out. Give it all time-my bet participation will grow long term. I can always try and move a mountain and get another hernia so then I'm more sedentary again and eventually will go stir crazy and go off again on my long, long, long diatribes with no punctuation (nor any point) -maybe design a new useless drum pedal :cool:. Oh yeah things could get worse.
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I think that the topics at hand shape our perception of forum traffic a lot. If there aren't many topics that catch your interest you're bound to feel like there's nothing going on.


Is it just me or are there fewer new posts since the changes were made? Seems every time I log in, I see the same stuff. There also seems to be no removal or designated move to the netherworld for posts that receive few views, and/or very minimal comment.
Keep this alive. Sometimes it takes time for people to adapt to change. This hub is of the utmost importance. Congrats to all those who work on this. Keep it up!

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Of the forums I am most interested in- General Topics and Drum Equipment - general forums has only 7 threads with any new posts today, and drum equipment has only 6 threads with new posts today. That's pretty low utilization.


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I'm with the opinion of the OP. Things do seem to have slowed down considerably on this forum. But it's not just here. The other two forums that I belong to have slowed down, with one becoming almost deserted. I don't believe the reason for this is summer or any kind of seasonal effect. I'm convinced that the cause is Facebook Groups.
I don't disagree but FB (and FB groups) have been around for a long time so why the sudden downturn now?

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I thought that initially, but we've had same or similar topics what drum kit what snare what cymbals forever. When I'm contemplating a purchase decision I often search here for old threads there is a ton of info here. So I don't think it's that.

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Perhaps people are bored with the same old thing. This is about the most interesting thing going on on DW right now.

One can only help someone make their decisions for so long.


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I don't disagree but FB (and FB groups) have been around for a long time so why the sudden downturn now?
FB groups have become more mature, specialized, and easier to use. As a 15-year veteran of this forum I'll say those groups are my go-to for assistance or classified needs. For example, if I need to repair a crack or seam issue on a vintage Vistalite kit, the FB group already has the answer with hi-res photos, YouTube links, and responsive discussions. If not, someone will respond within the hour. Same goes for my vintage car. I was an active member of a Dodge forum until a FB community was established for that exact year and model car with thousands of active members.