New find! 80's Wailin Smash video = ultimate epicness :)


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(disclaimer - I've already shared one bottle of utterly superb Rolly Gassmann pino gris 2008 with my wonderful partner of 30 years - it's our anniversary today :)

Andy, you poor, poor thing. That is just awful. Please accept my condolences.


Why would you have to drink wine when beer exists?


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I wonder how many shoulder surgeries he's had by now?


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The main problem with Wailin is this - he positions himself as a solo act, but outside of ridicule, he hasn't got what it takes. He can play drums, but he's not a great drummer. He sings, but he's far from being a great singer. If you crave individuality, then "fitting in" with a band is a tough ask.

^ This.

All I can say about this video is what I've said about this others: If you can find the budget for such a large drum set up and video recording, why not hire a bass player and guitar play to add some context?

Even the most outrageous of visually orient bands (Poison, Twisted Sister, Britney Fox, etc) still needed a guy who can lay down a solid groove and not just solo through an entire song.

Had he devoted a portion of his video to solid 2 and 4, I suspect bands might have taken more notice.


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It was like driving past a car crash. I didn't really want to look, but I couldn't look away either...
Took away one star because the gong wasn't on fire.

I little just joined this forum because I lol’d for real. Top 10 online responses of all time.

I was active in home rev forums (homerecording bought by Fanzine then Audio and Anarchy, spinoff of HR when new ownership censored HR’s OT forum “The Cave.” A&A had a killer drummer/musician member and he found Wailin’s clips and posted. I was bored today, searched “what happened to drummer Wailin Smash” and this thread was one of the hits 😊
So apologies for posting to a thread 6 years late, but that spleeeeen’s reply is gold. 😂🤣😂
Anyway, I’m a mid-aged guitar player from the 80s turned hobby home recordist with a day job. Have a kit I track drums with and a novice in that realm but think I’ll hang out and learn some stuff since I decided to join.


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In the rodeo, only the best ropers and riders get to be clowns.

Just sayin'
Our drummer friend at A&A posted clips back then bc he was a no BS punker, hell of a drummer/writer/recordist with a wickedly open wit.
So we all had a laugh at the posierisms.

But despite the cheese, as a guitarist (when in band situations + backup harmonies) I thought this: to me he sounds solid on timing and hits as a drummer…wayyyyyyy too many cymbals but given he’s playing a few classics without the music so yeah, he’s showing his shit a bit. Fair enough…
His vocals are on key but likely never a lead singer tone. Still, in a band sitch with someone in key to back the singer and main box even with a decent “ooh ahh” melody (if he isn’t comfortable with harmony structure) is def useable.
Biggest problem I see is he wants the spotlight too much. He would be GREAT as a one-man show in small bars playing with soundtracks, but a need for attention like that is probably best for live playing and gimmicks. Played with a lot of players but couldn’t see being in an all original band with someone like that laying down the tracks. Maybe he has a professional side beyond the gimmick, but if he went solo with his gimmick, it’s definitely memorable and possibly marketable.

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If he stayed in his YouTube character I’d pay $15 to watch him jam to classic rock tracks and listen to him teach the audience for an hour or so. I think it’d be funny, honestly.

Agreed. He’s got boatloads of personality and charisma, and seems like a fairly nice guy. And I’ve never seen so much enthusiasm


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The younger generation...the I want things NOW generation are clueless that only through hard work..dedication..and determination can one achieve this level of proficiency on their instrument. Amazing what's possible when you dedicate yourself to your craft.

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If he’s not sending himself up in the later video it’s not so funny…if he’s “doing a Steel Panther” parody of his 80’s self then it’s comedy gold for drummers. I honestly hope it’s the latter… :unsure:


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I feel embarrassed to be a drummer when I see his stuff. Especially when he talks to Robin Trower. An ego the size of Texas is the phrase that comes to mind

For the most part, he does exactly what I purposefully avoid doing, with great gusto I might add. So it naturally goes against my grain.

It's probably my issue, but I do definitely feel that way