New Favorite Snare: INDe Kalamazoo Series Oxidized Bronze 14x6.5"


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I had some pretty high expectations for this snare but it completely shattered them, going above and beyond what I imagined. From the thin, straight shell to the infinite snare bed, custom lugs to the oxidized finish, this drum looks gorgeous but SOUNDS incredible:

They are producing some really great stuff - their COVID specials were great kits...I was super tempted to pick one up.

Great vid - as always!


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Talk about a versatile snare! I just wish I could embrace the riveted shell more. It reminds me of Ludwig's riveted wraps during their dark period, even though I realize that they serve a very different purpose on the INDe snare.


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On the aluminum one I checked out at Revival, it seemed to have some weird harmonics, and I wondered if it had anything to do with how the shell ends overlap (messing with the supposedly infinite bearing edges).

I like a lot of Inde’s hardware and finishes, but for a riveted shell, I’d be more inclined to buy a Q Drums or an Offbeat Drums, because they add a continuous wooden hoop in the shell ends for a smooth bearing edge.