New electronic kit. Aching arms and fingers!


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I'm really enjoying my new Roland TD K 9 kit.

However, aching arms and fingers have become an issue.

It doesn't take a genius to work out it's a technique problem.

I wondered if anyone has had the same problem and has any suggestions.


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Had the same problem..I found I needed to adjust my playing on the electronic kit. The surface of the electronic kit are harding and less forgiving.
That being said...I found the electronic kit and associated sound tracks and metronome to be very easy to work with..for the development of my playing..Easy up on the power playing...Denis


Use light sticks, there is no need to pound the kit like an acoustic. If the 9 has rubber pads, the shock will come back through the sticks worse than mesh.


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When i play my e-drums, I use lighter sticks, and don't hit as hard.

I've come to realize playing an electronic kit is almost a different instrument than a real kit, and requires a bit of a different approach.