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I just got an EAD10 (used) after hearing of the LV firmware. I played around with it...ssshhhh it’s suppose to be my Christmas gift, but what she doesn’t know, won’t hurt! LOL! Anyway, the unit arrived with the old firmware, so I gave it a go with the L80s and Super Pads. Pretty underwhelming. I then loaded the LV firmware and wow. The L80s sound like cymbals! You can even hear the 16” crash. I had it close mix’s before with limited results. Now, the only issue is the ride is super loud in the traditional 4pc setup. Not noticeable with the old firmware, but then not sounding like cymbals either.

the Super Pads are definitely more tom like, but far from having“sustain.” At least in the little time I had to sneak a peak.

Before this I had tried my mics with gains turned way up, going through a Focusrite 18i20 and didn’t get as much volume as with the EAD10 feeding effects through the DAW worked, but man, that’s a ton of work to get right. Biggest issue is mics are way too hot, so there’s way too much bleed through to try and EQ out.

Anyway, no time to record a comparison, but thought it worth mentioning the new LV firmware is really a nice touch.

question for those who have the EAD10 and a traditional 4pc setup. How are you controlling ride volume?
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For me the ride over kick position results in a ride that’s way too loud.
I have to place the ride over the floor tom - this is not ideal on a 4 piece set up.

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My EAD10 is currently on a 6 pc kit, so I haven't had issues with cymbal volume being too much. I can see where it could cause issues. I would suggest repositioning the Ride, or try playing it much lighter? Outside of those suggestions I really have no idea how to overcome it.


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I discovered the ride volume on a traditional setup can be controlled by placing something like cardboard or acoustic foam between the ride and the EAD10 sensor unit. I just attached a small thin piece of foam to another boom arm and positioned it just so there was enough room to not contact the ride.

Now the sensor picks up the ride indirectly, so problem solved. I haven’t noticed the foam impacting anything else.

I’ll move the sensor off center next and see how that goes. All videos show it centered, but they are between two toms. It actually may pick up the rack tom better, since mine sits lower without a tom tree.

More on this after I’ve had a chance to test.