New DW Snare coming next week


I should be getting my new DW Snare next week. I got something a little different this time. Instead of the Maple Collectors I got a Birch Collectors, X-Shell, Natural finish, 5.5 X 14, and no sound rings. I've been kind of missing my old Starclassic Performer Birch that I sold with my Starclassic Maple kit a while back. I'm curious to see how well DW does with Birch and with the cross laminated X- Shell it should make for an interesting combination. I'll post pictures when it comes in.


Sounds nice! Looking forward to those pics!! How long did the order take, if you don't mind me asking?
Figured I'd chime in here as I've waited a LONG time on a DW Order, but picked up some interesting information along the way.

I ordered a DW Jazz Snare in February and the estimate was 8-10 weeks. Got a call last week from Drum Shop (LI Drum in Nyack NY) informing me that - DW lost it's vendor for die cast rims. They don't make these in house, but subcontract for them.

So they offered to send me the drum with regular rims, and then ship me the replacements when they get them and they are hoping that will be a month or so.
I said yes as I really could use it now. 3 gigs coming up and I was hoping to have it.

While I'm tired of waiting...I was very pleased that they reached out to me.

Figured I'd share the info.


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P3 enjoy the new snare!

Olliemets, that's cool of DW to do that. Do you get to keep the regular rims, or send them back when the DC's arrive?

DW is using graduated rims now, and they're pretty cool. You'll probably like them.

The 3mm rims for the snare are pretty nice on their own.