New DW Exotics


Awesome kit man. Hope you enjoy it to the fullest. By the way what does the 23" bass drum feel like and sound like?


Looks like you forgot to mention the 18" floor tom, because in the picture, you have one more drum than you list


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Hey All,

Thanks for the kit-love. I'll definitely get more pics up asap.

I did indeed forget to list the 18" floor tom.

I had DW put leg mounts on the 14" so I can choose to rack it or put it on the floor to the left of my hi-hat. Just liked the idea of the flexibility!

It would be nice to finish off the kit with a 6", but DW doesn't make 6" shells, and I would have to go with a Keller shell. That would probably be fine, and I may still do it, just to get that extra tonal variety. The 8" sounds killer.

The 23" kick is finally starting to feel right to me. It felt a bit flat at first, and I think it needs to be tuned up a bit to bring out the tone. When in front of it, the deep thud in your chest is breathtaking. I had another DW kit for 15 years prior to this one, and it was really weird playing the new shells at first. After a few months, I can truly say these crush the old ones in depth, tone, and warmth.

The snare is powerful, rich in tone and very sensitive. No need for me to add another snare for some time!

I went with the satin hardware which I was a little concerned about, but am utterly satisfied with now having lived with it for a bit. It just gives the whole kit a much more modern, sexy feel, in my opinion.

More pics to come soon!


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A few more pics. Don't have the right space to step back and take a real "driver's seat" shot, but hopefully these will add something. I went for a pearlized finish on top of the lacquer fade...came out just right!





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After you posted new pics, and I can truly see the kit, I'll use my 1000th post to say what a righteous kit you have. And yes, I've been wanting to use that word all day.


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That is funny! There is a First Act kit in the background...belongs to my 3 year old, who of course likes dad's big kit way better!


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Wow that is amazing, if i owned that kit i'd have to say i would love it more than i could ever love a human baby...


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With a kit like that I wouldn't imagine the First Act kit on the right in picture #2 would get any action...?

Haha just kidding.
Nice kit!

Dangit, I just found out I wasn't the first one to bring up the first act... :(