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Hey folks,

I am new to Drummerworld and new, very new, to drumming itself.

This last Christmas, Santa brought a 5 piece Sound Percussion kit for my 6 year old son and he has been drumming (lessons) for about 8 months now. All is going well for him but I have the itch so friggin bad I can't stand it.

This kit (I am aware of the quality so don't bash me) only came with a cheesy hi-hat and a one crash cymbal, both sound horrible! I want to begin adding cymbals but truly have no idea where to start. I am familiar with a few brand names but beyond that, I just don't have a clue about them....literally!

I have replaced the batter heads to Evans on the snare and toms and put an Aquarian Super Kick on the Bass drum.

I am addicted to drumming (my son too) and I want to add to this kit but don't know where to start. I hope to buy a better kit soon but for now, I thought I might just start buying hardware and accessories that I can use with a new kit when time and funds allow.

Please help!


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You might be better off buying a Used Drum Kit, there are deals
out there if you do the research...
If you were to purchase say 1 New piece at a time would cost more
in the long run, than purchasing a new kit with hardware as a whole.

Check ebay & craigslist and your local shop..
it's free to look, and eventually you will find a Great & less expensive set :)


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Used cymbals on eBay can save a lot of cash. Sabian, Zildjian, Paiste are the big three cymbal companies. Try used first wherever you buy.


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Well there are too options you could buy intermediate cymbals such as sabian b8's, paiste pst5's or you could buy professional cymbals such as sabian AAX or zildjan A's. I would advice buying professional cymbals because in 6 months you will want something better if you where to buy intermediate, you cut the middle man so to speak. I would try to buy used as well, you can get great deals. Just make sure they don't have any cracks or key wholeing and you should be fine!



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I like to think of buying drum equipment the same as I do anything. Buy a cheap carpet that you will discard in 6 months or buy something with quality that you will want to keep forever. If you're really into it then I would suggest buying quality rather than quantity. Forget more cymbals and do a bit of upgrading. Start with the snare drum and build from that.