New drummer here


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Hey ya'll brand new drummer here interested into getting into this with no prior experience and lookin to buy a drumset to learn on. Any one have any experiences to share with their first set or reccomendations? I've been looking into a somewhat affordable basic but solid set. I've heard about D2 5 piece being a real good deal around 400 and have looked alot into the trapps a400 and the compact space seems idea. Any comments on either of those? Thanks a lot


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pearl forums are decent starter sets, under 500 bucks, but still a real drum set, unlike some of the toys on ebay


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Like Zak I'm a Pearl fan as well, though my first kit was a Ludwig accent combo. Not exactly the best set of drums, but if you buy some decent heads and tune it up nicely, it'll do the job. I bought mine brand new for $300 and they came still in the boxes. Also, if you started with maybe a used kit you could probably get a real nice intermediate set with all you need to get jammin right away. It's a tricky thing lookin for drums...what fits one person won't fit someone else. Good luck.


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I'd say (recommend) by used. Craigs List and eBay are full of cats selling beginner kits. The Tama Rockstar, Yamaha Rydeen, Pearl Export, Ludwig Accent......drums, cymbals, hardware, all can be found, in the $300-$500 range.