New Drummer Cymbal Question

Midnite Zephyr

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That's a fine choice you made there.Congrats! As far as the drum q, it all depends how attached to that BD you are. I'd just trade-in the old ones for new ones.


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Drum q = drum question.
BD = bass drum.

Buying add on toms as a special order is certainly one of the more expensive ways of buying drums. If that's your angle I reckon you're better off flogging the kit off and buying a new shell pack in the config. you want. However, if you're talking about buying matching toms used off ebay.......if they're at a fair price then sure, why not.

I have a couple of AC Projections, what size did you get?


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if your refering to the size of my toms that i got with my voyager kit i'm not to sure off the top of my head. As for my cymbal i got today (Zildjian A custom 18" projection crash) i was happy with it at the shop and i just got home from playing it with my kit and i love it i'm really happy with it. :)

Im going to save up now and get a new hi hat cause the mapex one sucks!


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Hi guys!
Thought id clear the air about TRX in Australia as TRX's aussie rep. The reason the cymbals aren't in stores is because stores are reluctant to take on new brands with the USD being at parity. Alot of stores are struggling to sell sabian after 2 massive price drops. It is quite hard to introduce a new cymbal line into Australia currently.

TRX has been in Australia for nearly two years now and is starting to make progress. TRX will shortly be available online through a number of different sites, and I will be posting video reviews recorded with a Zoom Q3HD and no EQ :)

It would be very easy to pidgeonhole TRX as another masterworks or instanbul style brand, however we aren't. TRX cymbals fill a hole that hasn't been filled by any of the other Turkish cymbal brands. Although other Turkish cymbal brands can get used for rock, it's not what they were designed for. TRX cymbals are designed to cope with todays music. As an example, aside from Cobus, TRX's key endoree's overseas include Mike Fuentes from Pierce the Veil and Arin Ilijay who is currently playing for A7X. On top of that local artists include Aaron Fiocca from Aria nominated Dream on, Dreamer Nic Peterson from Northlane, Tim Madden from Make them Suffer, Shane Evans from E37 and Ten Thousands Mike Rivers. No soft hitters there. Im not saying the cymbals dont break, Im saying durability wise they are more on par with Zildjian and Sabian than other turkish brands.

The lines are quite versatile and when required, LOUD. The BRT series will work in most genres of music and cuts beautifully through most metal.

Please if you have any questions about TRX, please contact me or via the facebook page.


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By all means go for the TRXs if you like.

But remember that Cobus used Paiste PST3 and PST5s before moving to TRX.

They're good ranges for anything from Jazz to metal, I know cos I've used them for such.

Let us know how it goes?