New Drum Lesson


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Hey guys i just want to share this new drum lesson that ive bought online and i think its a great help for beginner drummers and even drummers who consider themselves advanced, its about stick technique by jim Mccarthy and i have been working my way through the book and yes im doing well in learning these techniques. yes yes i know you dont want to make another purchase, but what ive learned from playing the drums over the years is that you need to invest in nit for you to excel in your playing, you need to invest in money for your kit and hardwares and stuff, invest in time and effort, and of course invest in education. personally i dont see the point of having a $5000 worth of drum kit of you cant play correctly and learn how to sound right, and for me i think this lesson is one of the best you can get out there, it just simply tackles technique and applications of the lessons. check it our brother, here is the link