New drum kit - what to get?


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Regarding hanging floor toms - I don't know what it is like when using a rack, but on my Premier kit with the floor tom hanging off of the cymbal stand it is a right pain in the backside. I *much* prefer the free standing floor on my Sonor kit. It just makes life easier for positioning, temporarily moving out the way for whatever reason, etc.

That might sound daft, but the amount of times I've clouted the snare drum / floor tom when removing the bass drum pedal causing the rack toms to come forward more (if that makes sense). So being able to move it without fighting with cymbal stands / racks / joints is so much nicer.

That took a lot to make a small point ;-)


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Ah, would have guessed that Mark! :)

Heard a short stack kit from DW today, and oh my... I was blown away, for sure! Short toms are a lot cheaper than regular? A 8" x 5", 12" x 6", 10" x 5" and 14" x 7" (like Royster) can't cost that much...