New Drum Kit Day

Thunder 42

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Tama Starclassic B/B. 22/14/12/10 - have been finding brand new or mint orphans, still pursuing a 16 FT - any leads would be appreciated. Limited Edition Quilted Mocha Burst and Limited Edition Quilted Natural finishes. Great tone and punch,,,


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Very nice for orphans. Keeping my eyes open for a 16.

p.s. Second picture down, water that plant in the doorway. lol.


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Wicked nice! Loving that nice big ride, too! Beauty, Thunder!


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Beautiful finish. B/B drums are amazing. Congrats!


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That's a beauty-what's the depth of the 12 in tom-looks really deep? Which is nice-more wood to drool over lol. What's with the 10 in so far away-you play it like that or is it just out of the way? No bother I think it was an optical illusion-that's works better than I'm old and can't see crap.

Thunder 42

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Thanks all. It has been fun putting this family together. And really digging the B/B punch and tone.

KamaK, Hofmobiliendepot, eh? Thanks, man. I enjoy seeing and playing them in natural light.

Grippa, it"s a 12" x 10", just right - pretty hefty growl for a little guy. No illusion, the 10" is occupying the space of my second snare. My preference is one up and two down and my quest continues for the near/match 16" FT - have not played a 10" for a while, and, as discussed on the "excite you?" thread, I'm trying something new. Kind of digging the high (high) tom, and location - been playing there today. Tried hanging both 10 and 12 over the kick, haven't been there for a while and the height wasn't working for me. Going to give this a try with my band tomorrow.
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man that is a nice kit. I've always liked BBs. I'm hoping to get one some time.


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Terrific drums and gorgeous finishes.
Give Dale's Drum Shop in Harrisburg, PA a call. They are a huge Tama dealer and could help with the 16.


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I'm impressed that you found enough orphans in that finish to put a whole drum set together. Well done man. Beautiful drums.

Thunder 42

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Thanks guys. Toms skinned yesterday with VE clear over clear Ambassadors and oh boy, really very pleased with the tone of these drums.

JB, good call on Dale's - hoping to find one before special order. Would hate to see one after order and before delivery 4 months from now. Tough spot here, but hoping a good deal surfaces soon.


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Beautiful kit, no easy job piecing together orphans like that! Love B/Bs.


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Congratulations! Hard work is paying off!

Thunder 42

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The B/B 16" arrived in Limited BBQ. My set of orphans is complete. Lots of fun and will be taking them out this weekend.

10/12/22 - Limited Quilted Mocha Burst
14 - Limited Quilted Natural
16 - Limited BBQ


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