New Drum Cover: The Spirit of Radio


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Yo guys -

I'm a 16 year old drummer based in London - I recently made a drum cover of The Spirit of Radio by the legendary Rush. Would be awesome if you guys could give me any feedback for my playing!

Here's the video:

Cheers guys!

P.S Sorry about the click track - it has various tempo changes throughout the song and without the click it's a bit tough to keep up. Also I'm sight reading off charts. (If you want the chart send me a PM or something!)


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Hi Douglas

I'm a new drummer, having only been at it for 5 or 6 months, thus my opinion may not count for much.

However I'm a life-long Rush fan and Spirit of Radio is really what got me into them.

I say you nailed that one, fella! How long did it take you to get that down?