New double bass drum pedal???


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Ok, I have to get a new double pedal, I'm looking at the pearl eliminator or the dw 5002 anyone with some experience with either one of these, or would recommend one or the other.
Thanks alot..


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i like the eliminator, ive had both. . . . and an iron cobra and a longboard axis. eliminator with blue or red cam is my pick


I somehow wound up obtaining both; I've got a righty DW 5002, and a lefty Pearl Eliminator. Both are really top pedals, but I like the eliminators because you can pretty much alter any setting on the pedal with a couple of twists of a tuning key.

I suggest, however, that you actually try the pedals out for yourself before you make the final choice.


OK for starters the PEARL PEDAL is a AWSOME PEDAL but expensive I just picket up a new AXIS-X wich PEARL copied the geometry from, the DW pedal is a different animal compared to the PEARL or AXIS geometry good luck


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well if you can afford to buy booth why not ^_^

but if you're on a tight budget, then i suggest you try all double pedals you can get you hands on and feel which suits you better. i believe pedals are personal as your deodorant and buying them solely on the basis because people say this pedal rocks, this one is hot, etc. is not a good way to go. give all the pedals a shot and try each one of them and see which one suits you better. ^___^