New discoveries, new progress

Concrete Pete

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Hey Crew,

Great day today- I got beaten out of work by the huge thunderstorms that have hit the High Sierras, and will probably continue on until tomorrow or Thursday. Meantime, I met with one of my engineer friends, his welder/MA, and a guy who deals in various gasses this morning.

I'm not tipping my hat (much!) but freon/R134/R22 gas mixed with Tungsten [and something else} ("secret formula!") may be exactly what the 'doctor ordered' for getting viable results on the cymbal repair formula.
Also, I (actually, WE) came up with a nice, sticky, soft-setting-but-hard-casing (but non brittle) alloy. It's blended from about 11 different metals, and is still being experimented with. So far, the best formula melts at about 1670 to 1990 degrees, and has about a 83.1% bonding-to-strength rate. Not bad!
My new alloy is called B-2021CP. (catchy name, huh?)

I know I still have a helluva long way to go with all this, but I swear- I think I'll have it all dialed in by the end of this year, or maybe shortly thereafter. I'll keep everyone up to date as I go along.

C. P.